I am a Computer and Telecomunications engineer with a PhD in Economics, from Valencia (Spain). I used to do research on Game Theory and strategic behavior, theoretically and experimentally. Nowadays I work as a full-stack developer and DevOps.

I’ve always been into technology. During my academic and professional career programmed in C++, C, Java and PHP, but today I love Python and Django, and also (some) JavaScript. I work daily with GIT, I try to enforce best practices, the SOLID principles and do TDD.

On the DevOps side, I’m a Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes enthusiast.


Full-stack developer & DevOps at Sopra Steria.

In charge of small teams developing web and hybrid apps, microservices and CI/CD in the cloud using agile methodologies. Python, Django, Angular, Ionic, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Jenkins.

R&D Engineer and Full-stack developer at Astellia.

Development of a web application for the analysis and visualization of Mobile Networks data (Frontend: JS, Angular, Bootstrap. Backend: Java, Spring boot. Data: PostgreSQL. Tools: Git, GitLab runner, CentOS LINUX).

Funded by the IBSEN project (Horizon H2020 programme of the European Commission). I coordinated the development of the recruitment platform software ( Yii2 PHP framework), and participated in the development of the experimental software platform (oTree, Django). I also worked on research projects in the areas of Networks and Experimental Economics.

I developed my research in the areas of Auctions y Crowdsourcing, from a theoretical point of view and doing simulations (with R).

Software developer and PhD student at the Laboratory for Research in Experimental Economics (LINEEX)

As a software developer, I programmed experimental economics software and developed subjects recruitment software ( PHP, MySQL, Python, Java, Android). I also was the Lab’s sysadmin. During that period I was also a PhD student, obtaning a PhD in Industrial Economics in July 2014.


dev projects

IBSEN project web infrastructure:Web infrastructure to support the research activity of the H2020 project.website, recruitment system.
LINEEX web infrastructure:Web infrastructure to support the research activity of the Laboratory.website, participants portal, recruitment system, Wake On Lan.
Master in Economics, University of Valencia:Website and students application system.
GLOCREd:The research network in 'Globalization, Growth and Inequality (19th-21st centuries)'. Website of the network, content management system (News, events, ...), personal profile manager.website.
Despensa Serrana:Online store of meat, wines and artisan food.shop.
Integra-T experience:Alternative trip agency.website.



Equilibrium characterization of networks under conflicting preferences, with P. Hernández, M. Muñoz-Herrera and A. Sánchez. Economics Letters. 155, 154-156. (2017). Link.
Conflict and segregation in networks: An experiment on the interplay between individual preferences and social influence, with L. Ellwardt, P. Hernández and M. Muñoz-Herrera. Journal of Dynamics and Games. 3 issue 2, 191-216. (2016). Link.
A formal model based on Game Theory for the analysis of cooperation in distributed service discovery, with E. del Val, V. Botti, P. Hernández and M. Rebollo. Information Sciences. 326, 59 - 70. (2016). Link.

working papers

Integration and Diversity, with S. Goyal, P. Hernández, F. Moisan, M. Muñoz-Herrera and A. Sánchez. Link.

other publications

Analysing Incentive Strategies to Promote Participation in Crowdsourcing Systems, with E. del Val, V. Botti and P. Hernández. M. Rovatsos, G. Vouros, & V. Julian (Eds.), Multi-Agent Systems and Agreement Technologies: 13th European Conference, EUMAS 2015, and Third International Conference, AT 2015, Athens, Greece. Revised Selected Papers, 463-471. (2015). Link.



guimax1rca (at) gmai2zl (dot) com
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